Business Science Magazine was founded in 2019 and is owned and operated by 305 Publishing.  Created by behavior analysts, Business Science Magazine was developed as a response to the business industry’s lack of focus on science when discussing business matters.  All of our writers are behavior analysts and have been trained in a subsidiary science of behavior analysis, namely, Organizational Behavior Management OBM.

Our Mission

Our mission is to disseminate organizational behavior management to business professionals around the world in a professional, engaging, and evidence-based manner. This mission influences our behavior to ensure that we help educate business professionals on the strategies and interventions that will drive business success and to ensure we back up our assertions with science.

Our Target Audience

Our content is created for the business community.  That means entrepreneurs, c-suite executives, upper management, lower management and everyone in-between.  We design content that is engaging and easily consumable for business professionals in order to help them, help their business achieve its mission.

Our Content

Our content was originally designed to be a magazine with articles; however, we are already starting to branch out into podcasting, video creation and much more.  We are constantly innovating our content to bring up to date articles and content for the business community.  Our content is always designed with our science (OBM) in mind.

Our Science

Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific field which provides a systematic way of analyzing how behaviors are impacted by the environment. By analyzing why people do what they do, variables can be identified and changed to impact outcomes. Organizational Behavior Management, or OBM, is an application of this science that helps practitioners understand performance and business results so that solutions can be practical, and sustainable.

OBM is a combination of Frederick Taylor’s theory of management and B.F. Skinner’s principles of human behavior. Taylor’s work was a first attempt at applying science to the processes of management and production. B.F. Skinner proposed that behavior is a product of someone’s learning history and the environment in which the behavior takes place, advocating for the application of behavior science to make broad social impacts. The result of their work is a science of human behavior that can be applied in the context of business to help us understand how processes lead to outcomes and where and what improvements can be made to change results.